Day 67

Day 67

Concentrating on digital isn't about finding the time, or reaching a wider audience—it's about a fundamental shift in the way people communicate with each other.

— Danny Miller

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Danny Miller, managing director of the creative agency The Church of London and co-founder of Little White Lies and Huck has been making magazines for nearly 15 years. We last spoke with him on Day 41 about The Good Times, am ambitious one-off newspaper that the TCOLondon designed and printed in a week. Now we return to Little White Lies, a magazine about truth and movies, and the foundation of The Church of London.

In 2001, Danny co-founded Little White Lies and produced Issue Zero for his final degree project. Four years later, Issue 1 was released and The Church of London was formed as the magazine’s publishing house. We asked Danny if it was his goal for in-house publishing to become such a large part of the agency’s work. He said, “Truthfully, we had no goals at all other than to make Little White Lies and keep it alive. Growing a company around it was never really a planned thing—it just happened, very slowly (and painfully!) over the last 6 to 7 years.”

Much of Little White Lies‘ success lies in the strength of its clear voice and unique visuals. With each issue the designers reinvent the writing, illustration, and design to capture the essence of a feature film. Issue 39, Shame, takes on Michael Fassbender’s character’s sordid sex addiction and features custom-type made out of condoms. Brilliant. Issue 40, The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists, takes on, well, the more animated spirit of the claymation adventure.

Danny said, “With both Huck and Little White Lies, we really feel like we have something to say—something that we want to shout about.” They do the shouting quite well in print, and now they’ve expanded their focus to develop the brand’s voice online. We asked Danny how he has seen the self-publishing industry change in the 7 years since the first issue of LWLies, and how TCOLondon has taken advantage of new technology to continually push the medium. Danny said:

“Concentrating on digital isn’t about finding the time, or reaching a wider audience—it’s about a fundamental shift in the way people communicate with each other, globally, and it allows us to truly grow the LWLies brand in a way we never could have considered, before the advent of social media and the prevalence of smart phones and tablets.”

It’s great to see a publication like Little White Lies, created as a school project, made a lasting reality through passion, determination, and a commitment to constant innovation. If you’re at SXSW 2012, go see Danny speak as a panelist on Print to Portal: Turning a Film Mag into a Brand.