Day 62

Day 62

I was attracted to the opportunity to work in an environment where people take risks by following their passions.

— Chris Muccioli

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Like so many designers Chris Muccioli came to design through a passion for music. He said, “I came to design by way of a necessary hobby rather than a direct career path.” Chris played in a number of bands, created the visuals, managed the business side, and instilled a DIY philosophy into all of his ventures. He entered college as a business administration and marketing major, but soon realized his passion for design and transferred to a Fine Arts program with a commitment to making.

After graduation Chris worked for an agency in Philadelphia but soon was recruited as a designer at Kickstarter. We were able to talk with Chris about design’s role in a startup’s culture and in its success.

He told us, “I was attracted to the opportunity to work in an environment where people take risks by following their passions. People create startups because they believe strongly in their ideas and want to see them work. Kickstarter as a product, and as a community, is made up of people who have incredibly creative ideas that they are passionate about and willing to take chances on. Being around that energy day in and day out really helps create an environment that pushes your own ideas inside and outside of the workplace.”

Startups are often young companies made up of relatively small teams, both assets that allow designers to have a larger impact. Chris said, “Being a part of a young company at an earlier stage allows you to stake your claim within the design culture. A smaller company also offers opportunities for close relationships with those higher-up, so a designer can receive better insight into the way a company works.”

Chris reminded us that working for a startup is not for everyone. He said, “Job stability is an obvious disadvantage of working at a startup. You, along with everyone else at the company, take risks on a new idea that could just as well fail as it could be a success.”

As the startup market becomes more saturated, we asked Chris if the perception of design within the startup culture has changed as the market has grown. He said, “There are a number of companies that try to do similar things and sometimes the only thing they offer to differentiate themselves is the user experience. I think that more and more people realize that good design generally makes users more apt to adopt a product. In general, a well-designed product can make people more eager to try something new and can widen the gap between competing products by providing a unique user experience.”

So, for all of you hustling designers who want to be part of a passionate company that believes in what they are building, consider joining the design team at an existing startup.


We are especially excited to feature a designer from Kickstarter as we announce the successful funding of our book project!!! We are thrilled by the response, and ask that you continue to spread the word. We will use the additional funding to consider more art direction and collaborations with illustrators for our book. You all are amazing, and we are thankful to be part of a community that believes in our content as much as we do. We are passionate about making the most beautiful and content-rich book that we possibly can. Thank you, Tim and Jess