Day 55

Day 55

The digital medium not only makes self-publishing more accessible but is largely unexplored in the form of books, and that's exciting!

— Tymn Armstrong

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Tymn Armstrong is a designer and illustrator who has a penchant for side projects and self-publishing. He created the blog Fauxgo, a collection of logos or brands that only exist on film. The idea for Fauxgo came from a college assignment to rebrand a recognizable company. He thought it would be funny to brand an iconic logo from a movie but when he searched for an index of film logos he found that nothing existed. He saw the opportunity, recreated a few of his favorites, (and after a few years of forgotten files on his hard drive), he launched the blog. The nostalgic, clever rebrands quickly gained attention and within the first week the site was featured on Gizmodo, Time, and SwissMiss, and received over 300,000 unique visitors.

Tymn is a big fan of self-initiated projects and new publishing technologies. He has participated in The Momentus Project, The Fox is Black, among others, and we’re happy to add Kern and Burn to that list. In addition to his involvement in group projects he is the Art Director at Space Dog Books, an interactive book publishing company that operates off of a simple idea: “to make a magic book.” Their first book, Treasure Island re-imagines Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic “by combining traditional book arts with cutting edge technology.”

Space Dog Books is an example of a company that takes advantage of technology to bring a diverse team together from around the world. They work remotely, yet collaboratively. Daily video chat meetings allow them to catch up, set tasks, and talk about goals. We asked Tymn why he is drawn to self-publishing and how the digital medium has helped to set the company apart.

He said, “What is attractive about self-publishing is the creative control. Also, the digital medium not only makes self-publishing more accessible but is largely unexplored in the form of books, and that’s exciting! From the start, we didn’t want any animation or UI design that was only there to showcase the device. If there is any motion or interactivity it has to enhance the story, not just show off. We accomplished that with Treasure Island and we learned a lot about UI in the process. We’re hoping we can define what a book is on a digital device.”

Check out Tymn’s work on his site, and Space Dog Books’ amazing digital work here. We can’t wait to see updates on their newest collaboration, The Uproar!, a team effort between Space Dog Books and Invisible Creature. The interactive musical story asks us to “journey into a world of sound and wonder with a bizarre band of misfit monsters, and explore a sprawling story from the mind of Invisible Creature’s Don Clark.” We’re excited to explore the uncharted territory of interactive publishing with Tymn and Space Dog Books. In case you missed it, check out Invisible Creature on Day 53.