Day 41

Day 41

We created an exciting publishing project that reminds us not just why we love what we do, but celebrates everything we learned in the past few years.

— The Church of London

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One of our favorite creative agencies, The Church of London (TCOLondon) has a passion for print. Their in-house team of writers and designers publishes two independent magazines. Little White Lies (LWLies), a magazine about truth and movies that consistently features stunning photography, editorial illustrations, and interviews on cinema. Huck, is a lifestyle magazine with its heart in the surf, skate, and snowboarding culture. In addition to crafting their bi-monthly publications, the team recently took on the feat of sourcing content, designing, and printing a one-off newspaper called The Good Times, all in seven days.

TCOLondon wanted to start 2012 with a shot of optimism and “created an exciting publishing project that reminds us not just why we love what we do, but also celebrates everything we learned in the past few years.” They started with their own ideas for content and used their social media network to find additional contributors and editorial content including articles, writing, and photography. They printed 10,000 copies and coordinated the print date with what is supposedly the most depressing day of the year, January 16th. Talk about spreading cheer.

Danny Miller, the managing director, and co-founder of Little White Lies shared his thoughts on the making of The Good Times. He said: “We involved our audience not just after the newspaper was out, but in the process of actually making it. Although the process of making The Good Times was really exciting and important to us, the inspiration was really the kinds of stories and people we could write about.”

They documented the entire process on their blog, including the process of gathering and editing content. We loved watching their editorial article list change throughout the week from yellow: ready to sub, to green: ready for design, to blue: on the page, ready to proof, and finally to red: done, good to go.

More to come from Danny on Little White Lies, the changing self-publishing industry, and the importance of a publication’s message.