Day 33

Day 33

Keep your head down and do what you do. Move in your own direction and you'll be fine.

— Public School

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Photographers Jay B. Sauceda and Casey Dunn started sharing a studio space in 2007 to split the cost of rent. Now, with the addition of five graphic designers, Public School is a powerful force in the design world. One day the group was working at a long wooden table purchased from a surplus store and someone mentioned that it felt like an old public school table. “Public School” struck a chord as an interesting name for a studio. In a matter of days, they set the name in Futura Bold (tracked out in the style of vintage American education textbooks), designed and started the blog, and the Public School brand was born.

Jay told us, “The blog came first before any notion of a company. It started to give us notoriety as a group and then we started getting work together.” With more than 6,000 twitter and Facebook followers the Public School crew has built a brand that allows them to push their individual freelance businesses. The group is a part of a growing community of young designers and creatives in Austin (a group that Christian Helms has coined the “New Guard.”) As part of the New Guard, they approach design with a fresh perspective, know how to navigate their network, and go after big projects—all in the spirit of friendly competition amongst their fellow Austin designers.

We were lucky enough to share a few beers at the Horseshoe Lounge with Jay and Cody. We discussed the internet’s effect on creative industries, watched impressive shuffleboard matches, and learned about Jay’s amazing cowboy poet photo series. We can’t thank the guys enough for their southern hospitality, and we can’t wait to share more of their wisdom with our readers.

For now, we’ll close this post with some Public School wisdom. “Keep your head down and do what you do. Look up and see what the industry is doing, but don’t get obsessed with it. Move in your own direction and you’ll be fine.”