Day 30

Day 30

The Society of Design elevates and expands the design discourse in Central Pennsylvania.

— Kern and Burn

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Craig Welsh’s Lancaster, PA based firm, Go Welsh, is no stranger to success. Their work has been featured in Print, Comm. Arts, How, and GOOD magazine to name a few. What impresses us most about Craig is his desire to give back to the design community of Central Pennsylvania by encouraging quality design dialogue.

Many of our posts have been about designers who find a way to turn their interests into profitable businesses, but profit is not the only measure of success. In addition to running a quality studio, Craig followed his passions by starting a non-profit organization called The Society of Design (SOD). The organization’s multidisciplinary members are architects, writers, designers, filmmakers, and other creatives who band together to do good while inspiring one another. SOD’s mission is to “elevate and expand the discourse on design while providing inspiration to its members and the general public through an annual speakers series, tours, exhibits, and other initiatives.” The group regularly works together to take on community projects and support other non-profits. In its first two years, SOD has raised nearly $25,000 for other organizations.

SOD is another wonderful example of a designer that took a risk to educate, organize, and inspire his colleagues. We believe our education as designers is our own responsibility, and meetups like the CreativeMornings and Society of Design provide opportunities to advance our own understanding of our field.

For those readers near Pennsylvania, be sure to check out the James Victore talk on February 23, and the Paula Scher talk on March 29. You can learn more about the Society of Design and their speaker series here.