Day 29

Day 29

The design is just as infectious as the music it showcases.

— Soundsupply founders Tim and Eric Mortensen

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Launched at 12:01am on January 25th, The Soundsupply curates a bundle of ten digital albums, offered exclusively for ten days, for a mere fifteen dollars. It provides great music, lots of it, on the cheap. It doesn’t get much better or aesthetically rich than this. Brother, co-founders Tim and Eric Mortensen have backgrounds in music, technology, and design—and it shows. Not only is Soundsupply a unique experiment in music promotion, it is a beautiful example of how a designer co-founder elevates a brand’s product.

Based on similar business models with bundled software, and deeply discounted experiences aimed at gaining new customers, Soundsupply provides the public with a new way to consume and discover music. Soundsupply’s first package combines the sounds of Coconut Records’ sophomore release Davy (with frontman Jason Schwartzman), Colour Revolt’s The Cradle, and Andrew Dost’s inventive musical about Christopher Columbus, aptly titled Columbus.

We had the privilege to talk to Tim and Eric about Soundsupply’s mission. Tim remembers his days as a musician. He said, “My favorite part about playing in a band was meeting new artists and setting up shows or booking tours. I felt like we had this collective power to increase our impact and audience, while creating an amazing bond. Soundsupply is our attempt to bring that power to music sales. With the exception of some really cool vinyl releases going on, there’s not a whole lot to get excited about when it comes to actually purchasing music. The value of these bundles has the potential to create a scenario that provides an experience you’d want to share with your friends.”

The sibling’s collaboration provides all of the skillsets necessary to build a successful business. Tim talked to us about the value of partnering with a designer. He said, “That’s where Eric’s design shines. It showcases how awesome these albums are and makes the offer even more enticing. It’s simple, so it doesn’t overshadow the artists. The site’s layout and functionality make the user want to interact with the band information pop-ups and listen to the sound samples. It’d be an amazing challenge to spend five minutes on the site and not get at least one song stuck in your head. The design is just as infectious as the music it showcases.”

We couldn’t be happier to support these fantastic bands and this intelligent business model. Soundsupply Drop #1 is available for nine more days, be sure to check it out here and get the drop.