Day 27

Day 27

If I wasn't a designer I would be a ninja pirate robot, or a keyboard player in rap group.

— Ben

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We want to hear from you! In addition to writing profiles, reviewing essays, and conducting interviews, we have created an online survey to gather answers from you. We will randomly select three participants to receive a free copy of our publication upon its release in April. Below is a preview of some of the answers we’ve received. We’d love if you would take the time to share your wisdom.

What message do you hope your design career at large communicates?

Work transforms your personality. So practice doing what you want to do until you find the thing you love to do, and keep doing that. While also, of course, doing as little damage to others as possible and doing as much for yourself as you can. No one wants to be around sadsacks and whiners and shallow martyrs. Find work you love to do, do it, transform yourself, and you will find yourself a joy to be around. Others may still barely tolerate you, but they’re just jealous.

What is the most valuable collaboration you’ve been a part of?

The most valuable collaboration I’ve been a part of has been when I work with people from very different fields of interest and expertise. When you get too many people working together that all do the same thing, it creates frustration and intolerance. It is best to work with a diverse and open minded crowd of awesome people, not just designers.

How does looking at design on the Internet affect your process or the way you think about making things?

I understand our work within a larger context. I’m able to see trends easily. It helps me better relate to students. I try not to over-search when working on my own projects.