Day 26

Day 26

No longer can design just be an outsourced add on, limited to putting lipstick on a pig.

— The Designer Fund

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The Designer Fund is an organization dedicated to providing ambitious, entrepreneurial designers with mentorship, funding, and access to a professional network of other “designer founders.” Through an application process, the Fund chooses designers interested in starting their own ventures and matches them with mentors for the most part located in Silicon Valley. Their ideal candidates are “designers whose success in business generates meaningful impact (positive social impact at scale), particularly through the use of new IT experiences.”

The Designer Fund understands that as the tech space becomes more saturated, design is a key differentiation point. Through a non-profit book project, it hopes “to demystify the path for designers to build tech startups with meaningful impact and for entrepreneurs to embody design thinking in their work.” The book, Designer Founders, will share stories from today’s most successful design entrepreneurs including Khoi Vinh (Mixel), Brian Chesky (AirBnb), and Scott Belsky (Behance). The book will be free for students—an effort that the authors say will help fill a void in traditional design curricula.

Today is the last day to support the Designer Founders publishing project through Kickstarter. We wish the best to our like-minded friends at The Designer Fund and can’t wait to get a hold of a copy of the book. Be sure to check out previews of their interviews here.