Day 25

Day 25

The Manual archives meaningful conversation in a printed platform.

— Kern and Burn

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At Kern and Burn we believe in new platforms for design discourse—ones that move beyond the personal blog, the individual author, and the singular perspective. A collected group of voices, like those presented in The Manual, and what we hope to do with Kern and Burn, offer both individual perspectives and present a larger picture of a group, and a movement.

The Manual curates writing on the web profession. It archives meaningful conversation in a printed platform. Their mission: “The Manual captures the voices of our profession, both the well-known and the quietly working, as they bring clarity to the why of web design, share their visions, break our hearts, stretch our minds, and move us to make deeper, smarter, richer work.”

We just ordered Issue #2, which features writing from six authors including: Josh Brewer, Design Lead at Twitter and the co-creater of 52 Weeks of UX (an inspiration for this blog), Alex Charchar, editor at Smashing Magazine, and Trent Walton founder of Paravel and avid contributor to the web discourse on his site,

The Manual is published by Andy McMillan, edited by Carolyn Wood, and designed by Jez Burrows. The first issue was funded through their Kickstarter campaign which raised $53,290. The backers wanted more from the web, and they wanted it in print. We’ve added this artifact to our shelf in support of The Manual’s “deeper exploration of our work and who we are as designers.”