Day 12

Day 12

I didn't want to cut out the middleman, I just didn't need one. There wasn't any reason to have someone there. I just thought, "Make this thing and put it up."

— Louie CK

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In the wake of economic turmoil the past few years, designers and entrepreneurs are taking control of “their economic destinies.” In the article, “Why 2012 will be the year of the artist-entrepreneur” GigaOM projects, “No doubt, the vast majority of economic wealth is still distributed through large corporate media, but as new technologies enable artists to reach consumers directly through push-button creation and distribution, there is movement afoot.”

The collapse of the production process (content production, distribution, and of course fundraising) allows designers to achieve their goals much faster and with more reach while maintaining creative control throughout. A streamlined process removes the middlemen and puts the power in the hands of the content creator.

Louis CK sold his latest concert video online directly to consumers for $5 dollars. He took his product directly to market on a site he created. He said, “I didn’t want to cut out the middleman, I just didn’t need one. There wasn’t any reason to have someone there. I just thought, make this thing and put it up.”

2011 was a successful year for the designer-entrepreneur and 2012 promises even more momentum. Read the full article here and get inspired to get to work on all of the products you’re going to launch in the coming year.