Day 07

Day 07

General Assembly is a campus for technology, design, and entrepreneurship. We were there for a panel on social entrepreneurship. It was good.

— Kern and Burn

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When we walked into General Assembly’s Manhattan campus for their Rethinking Social Entrepreneurship panel, we were greeted as expected—by a beautiful room full of laughing hipsters, smiling capitalists, and free beer. The event, sponsored by The Next Web, brought together an interesting group of perspectives. They discussed V-Corps, the advantages and disadvantages of organizing as a non-profit, and questioned if “too much profit” is ever a hindrance to social good. Although the role of design in start-ups was not specifically addressed, we did sense that its importance is understood by the General Assembly community.

Oliver Hurst-Hiller from stood out as an intelligent and gifted leader. Check out DonorsChoose, an organization that links your dollars with inner city schools and provides its users with accurate feedback on where their donated dollars are spent. User feedback quickly became a theme of the evening. The companies that provide feedback to their users are more likely to receive donor dollars.

General Assembly is an inspiring concept. They are rethinking how people learn about entrepreneurship by providing alternate education, a space to collaborate, and resources for young entrepreneurs. Learn more about GA here and follow them on twitter.