Day 06

Day 06

Designers should be co-founders. They need to be in the mix from the beginning because design belongs there from the beginning.

— Cameron Koczon

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Cameron Koczon is like a really smart older brother—the kind that is willing to carve out some time to talk despite his demanding schedule, who doesn’t sugar coat his perspectives, and is willing to patiently share his knowledge. We like Cameron, a lot. The first time we met him was at a Refresh Baltimore event where he gave a talk that called for designers to get involved in start-ups.

Originally from California, Cameron studied business at Stanford and moved to Brooklyn a few years ago. He is now an integral part of the creative community in New York. He helped shape StudioMates, is a co-founder of the Brooklyn Beta conference, and a co-founder of TeuxDeux. His company Fictive Kin is behind the increasingly popular application Gimme Bar that is reinventing bookmarking content on the web. Although Cameron does not consider himself a designer, it is refreshing to meet an entrepreneur who understands the role of design in a product’s success. During our conversation with him, Cameron spoke about the importance of designers being involved at the beginning of a product’s development.

In a recent post on his blog titled You Can’t Transfer Will, Cameron talks about investing energy in people with the hope that they will carry his energy into what they’re doing. We’d like to thank Cameron for investing a bit of his energy in us. Hopefully we can accomplish what we’ve set out to do and add value to the design discussion.