Day 05

Day 05

People > Craft - Larry Legend shares his perspective at New York's CreativeMornings.

— Larry Legend

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What started as a small meetup for creatives in New York has become a worldwide network of free breakfast lecture series. The CreativeMornings network—started by Tina Roth Eisenberg of fame—now has more than 15 participating cities. Once a month creatives, meet to hear an inspirational talk, share coffee, and meet one another. Tina is a true design entrepreneur and makes a living inspiring and connecting designers. Her Swiss-Miss blog now says she is no longer working with clients but is focusing on her own products and apps.

We had the privilege to join the NYC CreativeMornings community in Brooklyn this past December for their morning meetup.

Larry Legend, an iOS developer working out of Studio Mates gave a short and entertaining talk encouraging designers to spend as much time investing in people as their craft. Larry is the founder of House of Legend, the development company behind the mobile TeuxDeux application and Layer Freak, a mobile application that follows Coudal’s Layer Tennis matches on the go.

A special thank you to Cameron Koczon of FictiveKin for inviting us to join in on the CreativeMornings fun.