Day 02

Day 02

Kern and Burn is one part skill and one part hustle, one part execution and one part dreams, one part Jess and Tim.

— Kern and Burn

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In his 2008 book, The Design Entrepreneur: Turning Graphic Design Into Goods That Sell, Steven Heller reminds his readers that design entrepreneurship has a rich history. From William Morris to Ray and Charles Eames to the Bauhaus and beyond, many designers have translated their ideas for the marketplace. Here at Kern and Burn we want to celebrate design entrepreneurship’s history and encourage designers to risk the security of the traditional role of a designer in order to realize their own ideas and allow their success to be determined by consumers.

Many MFA programs encourage their students to author their own content. Heller’s SVA Designer As Entrepreneur program takes it one step further and asks its students to deliver a product to market for their thesis. In the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) Graphic Design MFA program, Ellen Lupton’s students are encouraged to be producers, authors, publishers, and entrepreneurs—we’re taking her cue as we attempt to do it all.