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Sep 7, 2012

We’re no Mars Rover, but we feel like we landed on something great with this new site. We loved the simplicity and usability of The 100 Days site so we knew that we shouldn’t mess (too much) with a good thing. We kept much of the same aesthetic and just stuffed the site full of resources and new content to explore.

We’re back to blogging about all things design entrepreneurship. We know that many of our readers come to Kern and Burn to learn about what it means to be a design entrepreneur—whether they want learn from those who have done it or just discover a new startup that they’ve never heard of—they can find it right here. We can’t promise that it will be every day…ok, we’re going to go ahead and just put it out there that the 100 Days can stand on it’s own as the daily series (which by the way, is still available for your reading pleasure on the 100 Days page). We will however post interviews, article reviews, as often as something strikes our fancy—and lucky for you, it often does.

Throughout The 100 Days we reviewed so many great videos and articles that we recommend for anyone looking to be inspired or just looking to stall for an hour. We’re excited for these resources to live on our Explore page. Much credit is due to the venues and series that produce these videos and articles, from CreativeMornings, to the Build Conference, A List Apart and more. We’ve simply corralled our favorites onto one page that serves as our home base for intellectual inspiration.

We’re excited to give our Kickstarter updates a new place to live on this site. Check out our Book page for the all things book related. Now that’s we’re done updating you on all this good stuff—it’s back to the book for us.

We hope you enjoy the new site. We’re more than excited to be back.