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Learning From Disney

Aug 4, 2012

Walt Disney and startups aren’t two words often paired in the same sentence but Airbnb founder, Brian Chesky found inspiration in Mr. Disney’s process in making Snow White. Making a full-length animated film was quite the risk and Disney wanted to make sure he got it right, with characters that were just as memorable as live-action ones—so he storyboarded the entire film. Chesky knew that simple action was the key to AirBnb’s success. TechCrunch got the full story this past July in, “How Snow White Pointed The Way to Airbnb’s Future.”

Chesky’s story is one of many examples of startups finding inspiration in unexpected places. From Walt Disney’s transformation of unforgettable characters into animation to AirBnb’s transformation of travel accommodations, it pays to plan out every step of the way. You don’t have to accomplish each step all at once, you just have to start and put things out there as you’re ready. Airbnb is still working on filling out every frame of their story but that’s not slowing down growth—the company just passed 10 million nights booked through the service, is moving to a bigger office, and is hiring.