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A List Apart Reading List

Aug 24, 2012

For all of your lazy days of Summer, A List Apart has set aside a few of their favorite articles from their massive catalogue of 355 issues in their “ALA Summer Reading Issue.”

The selected posts are categorized by, ‘Philosophy of Web Design,’ ‘Web Standards (Historical),’ ‘Design and Layout,’ ‘Typography,’ and so on, with authors well-respected in their practice. Jeffrey Zeldman, founder of A List Part, wrote about Web Standards in 2001, in his rant, “To Hell With Bad Browsers,” about the inconsistency of web browsers. (New decade, similar conversations.) Jason Santa Maria, talks about the methods and best practices to employ when working with web fonts in his article, “On Web Typography,” Even in a short three years, the world of web type has expanded to allow for much more experimentation, freedom, and perhaps, a necessary reminder of Santa Maria’s back-to-basic rules.

It’s interesting to take a look back into the ALA archives and see how far we’ve come on some issues and still how far we have yet to go—challenges that existed when these articles were written still exist. They await new challengers.