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37signals’ Jason Fried on Fast Talk

Sep 7, 2012

The morning routine for many of us in the tech and design world includes checking emails and catching up on the latest headlines on sites like Fast Company and TechCrunch. Many of these headlines focus on new startup launches, the latest acqui-hires, and of course, who’s raising funding. 37signals‘ founder Jason Fried has grown tired of the chatter. In an interview for Fast Co’s Fast Talk series he says, “TechCrunch to me is the great place to look to see the sickness in our industry right now.”

Jason has never been shy about giving straightforward business advice and we’ve often turned his book Rework for inspiration and simple solutions. This interview is no different. He’s tired of the incessant talk of how much money is being thrown at companies instead of talking about if they are making great products, taking care of their employees, and whether or not they are even profitable.

We think Jason’s take on the “slash and burn mentality” in the tech world is refreshing look at what’s currently happening in the industry. Read the full interview here and in the meantime, here are a few Rework-style bullet points to sum it up:

Encourage quality work.

Don’t grow just for the sake of growth.

Be nice and respectful.